Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Wrongness is valuable.
To be mistaken is to be rescued,
Rescued from Jesus Doldrums
And a rage to succeed at I don't know what.
I mean, yes what a super-nice house
And rare so powerful motorcar,
Your children are healthy and I swear
I'm not exactly against any of this.

Only, only I despair to imagine
The grave-side eulogies,
All the precious DNA like virus monsters.
And yes, I know I'm the lowest
Kind of human being----please understand
That this human life looks all too much like a
And my only real options are to love my trap
Or become a trap destroyer.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


She waits in a cement blockhouse,
Waits with one signal candle
Lit in an open window.
She has five gallons of gasoline,
A thousand packs of matches,
Ten lighters, and
She's beautiful.
Perfect, really.

She spies the shape of a man
Approaching in deep dusk,
Blows out the candle,
Sets aside oleo-smeared crackers,
And watches.
She opens the lid of the control-panel.
Studies her options.
And waits.

At a hundred yards the man stops,
Shines a flashlight in his face.
Two minutes later,
He falls into the woman's arms,
Under a starless sky,
Two sentries in love,
Their kisses like prayers
That this war will never stop.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We exist to entertain you, to prop you up in the center of all reality, your little successes, your helpful words, when you walk to your car, we watch you get in and turn the key in the ignition, everything you do matters so much. We notice your hairstyles and choice of clothing, when you smile or frown, we see and our spirits soar or collapse. Will you wake up early or late? What t.v. show will you watch? Please reveal your hopes and daydreams, we've got to know. It's about you! You are our little god! Just think of your shattering importance! We gaze on your works and tremble...!