Monday, September 23, 2013


You certainly pack a wallop,, I'm certain you're capable of every effort, I bet you FAIL well, and your success is in emerging from infant-hood into this world ever at all, I mean thank you, I'm not kidding, I'm happy that you existed and since I've known you you have assumed the standard for me, you're the measure of my useless efforts, if I accomplish anything and I don't hate what I've accomplished, then I remember you.

A fun fact: appearances aside, I am ordinary, an assembly-line magnet and you. you have an iron core. I love you like there's a first law I've always known that commands: Dash! Love Esther!

Monday, June 3, 2013


You're told/You're sold/You're told/You're sold/You're told:/"Give it up before you ever try!"/I shrug/My drug/I shrug/My drug/I shrug/Not my problem when you decide to die!/It's so cheap!/You don't have to try!/Be like me!/Be happy when you die!/She said,/"Slow up!"/I said,/"No way!"/She said,/"How can I live until the End of Time?"/I stand/My band/You watch/You walk away./I want to disappear with you!/Here's your chance!/You only have to try!/Look away!/You might never die! [2002]

Mike Hummel, I'm donating all the lyrics on this page to M. Rep and the Quotas. Maybe find a teenager to sing the song as it seems like these words would cause embarrassment, like Burl Ives disguised as a snow man exclaiming "Happy Birthday" endlessly, belting "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!" The Kool Penguin AKA Darius III

This time/This time/This time/This time/This time/I'm the boy with the popular way to sigh!/She said/She said/She said/She said/She said/I love this life so much/I wish I was dead!/There's no love!/Anytime at all!/There's no love!/Anytime at all!/This time/This time/This time/This time/This time/So you fell down?/Why don't you get up?/She said/She said/She said/She said/She said,/"I want to disappear with you!"/Here's my love!/Anytime at all/Here's my love!/Anytime at all! [1995]

Love, Dare-Eye-Us,Worthlessville UK/USA

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Try just once, Nicole. You're in the world, this world, only once, Nicole. In a summer resort house (!) you're complaining about your two-plus week vacation. Some mystery girl. Some super-heroine. Go to a mirror. Go see a worthless girl. Go see a clear-cut, open-shut case in support of mass white suicide.

I'm not angry, I'm not upset, I don't hate you. I don't even know you, really. Listen, listen for once, this once: no, there's no reason for you to exist; as far as you know, everything that's ever happened to you is illusion----there were no good times, no bad times, only Saint Sameness, and our worthless senses of perception.

I'm not exactly sad, no, I am animated and realistic, masking my outrage for the sake of passing for a kind man, practicing kind acts only because there's no other choice available to me.

Don't look back, Nicole. And you probably don't want to look forward, either. We Love You.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


> >>In a shot-up govt.-subsidized housing complex > >>One pro., one junkie, one suburban-type guy----Filming the one true debacle for the tenth time today. >>How many versions of this all-out worthlessness > >>Do you need to scan before I am credited > >>W/a way out? Maybe sharing needles is the answer.... > >>Maybe unprotected sex will equal success.... > >>Am I addicted to chlorine bleach? > >>Yes! I am addicted to chlorine bleach > >> > >>Little kids, old guys, last ditch efforts. > >>Last ditch kids, little guys, old, never a chance at success efforts. > >>Summer.