Wednesday, November 30, 2016


She was my reason to die, my Panzers vs her Hobby Horse Cavalry, together we were stoppable, O did we ever have THEE know-how, "Lose Friends and Win at Repulsion."

Nancy Napalm, friend to all mankind, enemy of all woman-kind, a blowtorch when birthday candles are all you need, she may murder me for my Christmas present, still going for just a karate chop, tho'. Our Sex Life is ultra-expensive and non-existent.

Nancy Napalm: always waking me up before she goes again, so pretty in her Go-Go Boots and Burglar Mask and Unearthly Eye Make-Up.

So, this with NN is either Endless or Never-Occurred. Either way, I'm happy. So happy to be happy, Rabitt! Try to stop me, Rabbit! You can't, Rabbit! Unfollow, unfriend, it doesn't matter anymore, Rabbit!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Ildiko pulled her car to the shoulder to watch the sun sink behind the cheerfully-ugly insurance complex. There were no children in the back seat, no husband in the passenger seat. The radio was off.

She soon got out and walked a quarter-mile, stopping to stand atop an overpass. Not sad, not happy, not indifferent, a queen of all existence and at the same time, really nothing at all. She was confident that in an hour ahe could face her happy family again.

For now, Ildiko watches the water, following some debris with her eye until it flows out of sight beneath her.