Monday, June 3, 2013


You're told/You're sold/You're told/You're sold/You're told:/"Give it up before you ever try!"/I shrug/My drug/I shrug/My drug/I shrug/Not my problem when you decide to die!/It's so cheap!/You don't have to try!/Be like me!/Be happy when you die!/She said,/"Slow up!"/I said,/"No way!"/She said,/"How can I live until the End of Time?"/I stand/My band/You watch/You walk away./I want to disappear with you!/Here's your chance!/You only have to try!/Look away!/You might never die! [2002]

Mike Hummel, I'm donating all the lyrics on this page to M. Rep and the Quotas. Maybe find a teenager to sing the song as it seems like these words would cause embarrassment, like Burl Ives disguised as a snow man exclaiming "Happy Birthday" endlessly, belting "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!" The Kool Penguin AKA Darius III

This time/This time/This time/This time/This time/I'm the boy with the popular way to sigh!/She said/She said/She said/She said/She said/I love this life so much/I wish I was dead!/There's no love!/Anytime at all!/There's no love!/Anytime at all!/This time/This time/This time/This time/This time/So you fell down?/Why don't you get up?/She said/She said/She said/She said/She said,/"I want to disappear with you!"/Here's my love!/Anytime at all/Here's my love!/Anytime at all! [1995]

Love, Dare-Eye-Us,Worthlessville UK/USA