Wednesday, November 30, 2016


She was my reason to die, my Panzers vs her Hobby Horse Cavalry, together we were stoppable, O did we ever have THEE know-how, "Lose Friends and Win at Repulsion."

Nancy Napalm, friend to all mankind, enemy of all woman-kind, a blowtorch when birthday candles are all you need, she may murder me for my Christmas present, still going for just a karate chop, tho'. Our Sex Life is ultra-expensive and non-existent.

Nancy Napalm: always waking me up before she goes again, so pretty in her Go-Go Boots and Burglar Mask and Unearthly Eye Make-Up.

So, this with NN is either Endless or Never-Occurred. Either way, I'm happy. So happy to be happy, Rabitt! Try to stop me, Rabbit! You can't, Rabbit! Unfollow, unfriend, it doesn't matter anymore, Rabbit!

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